How to Prepare Your Car for Spring Weather

Harsh weather and snow are behind us and we can finally start to enjoy the warmth and light of spring.  As you start to prepare for the warmer weather and traveling and going places, remember that your vehicle should also be prepared to fully enjoy the beautiful springtime.

Ensuring proper functionality and safety of your vehicle is paramount – so we put together some tips to help prepare your car or truck for spring:

  1. Clean Your Vehicle

Just like your house needs a good spring-cleaning, so does your vehicle.

Make sure you wash your vehicle’s exterior as well as the undercarriage – after the harsh winter, you want to deep clean it to get the road salt and dirt off.  A thorough cleaning will help to prevent rust and build-up.

Spring-cleaning is not complete without washing and cleaning the interior of your vehicle, including the floor, which may be saturated with snow, salt, and anything else your shoes tracked in during the winter.  If you have leather seats, make sure you clean and nourish them, as well.

  1. Take Care of Your Tires

Driving in harsh winter conditions is hard on your vehicle’s tires, so it’s important to inspect, rotate and align them to ensure safer wearing and to get the best life out of the tires.

If you have winter tires on, switch to all-season or summer tires.  Also, monitor tire tread and make sure none of your tires are balding.  As always, check the pressure of your tires.

  1. Check Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers suffer during winter, so it’s best to change them, especially before the rainy season.  New windshield wipers will improve visibility and reduce the risk of an accident.

  1. Check Your Vehicle’s Battery

Cold weather is particularly damaging for your car battery, which can deteriorate very quickly in a harsh climate, and because your vehicle works extra hard during winter, it’s easier for the battery to drain.

If your battery is more than four years old and/or it sometimes takes a few seconds to start your motor, you need to get it inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

  1. Check Your Brakes

Before taking off on long road trips, make sure your vehicle’s brakes are safe and sound.

If the ‘check brake’ lamp is illuminated, or if braking is noisy or rough, it’s likely that your vehicle needs new pads.  When in doubt, seek a professional opinion – you don’t want to mess with faulty or worn out brakes.

  1. Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids

Make sure all of your vehicle’s fluids are topped off and filled.

Start with windshield wiper fluid – it empties quickly during the winter as we tend to use it a lot to clean grime from the windshield, and you certainly want to be able to keep it clean and increase visibility, especially in the coming rain season.

Next, check the engine oil.  It protects the engine against wear and tear, so keeping it full will allow the engine and its working parts to function properly.

Another important fluid to check for is brake fluid – it transfers the pressure from your foot on the pedal to the wheel, and if your brakes do not have a sufficient amount, it will take more time and effort to stop your vehicle.

  1. Under The Hood

Check your vehicle’s belts and hoses, if they are cracked or damaged in any way, get your auto repair technician to repair them.

Make sure the air filters are clean and working properly – surely you want your air conditioning to be ready once the warm weather kicks in.

Whether your car is almost new and needs just a tune up or oil change, or you have an oldie in need of serious auto repair, let our team help you prepare it for spring.

It’s time to spring-clean your car and bring out its beauty, and do a proper maintenance – it will set the scene for a happy, carefree spring and summer!

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