Should I Make New Year’s Resolutions for My Car?

Most of us have made at least one New Year’s resolution in our life, and some of us faithfully do it every year. There are hundreds of different resolutions we can set, such as exercising more, eating less bad food, finishing a project, spending more time with friends, etc.

How about setting up some New Year’s Resolutions for caring for your vehicle? Not only will it do you and your car a bunch of good, especially those that will also help winterize your car, but these resolutions can also be easier to keep!

Here are some ideas on how to take care of your car in the upcoming year:

Regular Maintenance

Resolve to schedule regular check-ups – they can identify signs of wear on your car that may lead to breakdown or component damage. To maintain optimal performance of your vehicle, as well as its health and longevity, stick to your car’s specific maintenance schedule.

Get A Coolant/Antifreeze Tester:

Your car’s cooling and antifreeze system protects against overheating in the hot months, helps power the heater and defroster, and prevents freeze-ups in winter conditions? For all that hard work, it needs regular maintenance to stay healthy.

Did you know that antifreeze contains anti-corrosion agents that help prevent the buildup of scale in the cooling system, which can lead to corrosion overtime, clog small passages in the radiator and heater core and decrease cooling efficiency? That’s why it’s essential to have the system flushed and refilled with the appropriate coolant at regular intervals. Invest in a hygrometer – it will test the condition of the coolant and determine whether it’s time for maintenance.

Switch Your Oil

Still using conventional motor oil? Winter is a great time to switch over to synthetic oil. It provides better engine protection and lubricating properties, plus, it’s more stable and won’t thin out at high temperatures or thicken in the winter.

Replace Your Wipers

It’s easy to forget about wipers. However, even the best ones are only good for about a year, since the UV rays and regular wear and tear take their toll.

Typically, your wipers should be replaced every six months or so, and you can find the right type for your car in your owner’s manual. Regardless of how long you’ve had them, replace them if they are cracked, dried out or losing strips of rubber – it’s easy and inexpensive and can make your car a lot safer and less exhausting to drive.

Tend to Your Tires

What kind of tires do you have, and what shape are they in? Do you have all-season tires, or do switch to snow tires when the winter weather kicks in? If you use snow tires, don’t forget not to keep using them when the temperature is above 40-45 degrees.

Your tires need special attention during winter, so measure tire pressure regularly, especially after a sharp drop in temperature and be sure to have your tires rotated next time you do oil change.

What about the tread depth of your tires? For the most exact measurement, invest in a tire tread gauge (they are inexpensive). The tread depth should be at least 2/32″, which is the minimum required by many state laws.

Also, have all suspension and tire problems checked right away, and pay attention to any wobble or vibration, as it means either a tire, rim, or some part of your suspension is out of alignment. Resolve to avoid costlier repairs in the future!

Tend to Your Car’s Exterior and Interior

A good coat of wax can protect your car’s body and paint and help it shed dirt and grime easily, especially where there’s a lot of snow and road chemicals. When you give your car a good exterior an interior detail job, you’ll enjoy driving it even more!

Find A Good Car Shop

Finally, find a good, reliable auto garage. Your vehicle deserves it, and so do you. So this year, resolve to place your car vehicle in the right hands, where you can always count on a professional and proficient check-up, inspection, car maintenance and repairs.

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