What’s the Best Oil to Use During the Winter?

Motor oil protects the engine against wear and tear, so keeping it full and making sure it’s replaced as needed will allow the engine and its working parts to function properly.

But did you know that using different motor oil for winter can extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, and also help your car start in very cold temperatures?

Depending on your car and your geographic location, certain oil can be better suited, and since we understand the importance of proper functionality and safety of your vehicle, we put together some tips to help you determine the best oil for winter for your vehicle:

Start with taking into consideration just how cold it can get in your area. While many places in America typically do not get cold enough to switch the motor oil, if you live in the area where the temperatures often get below 45 degrees F, in the winter you need to change the type of oil you are using.

Check to see what type of oil you are using; most newer vehicles nowadays use 5W30-weight oil, and older ones use 10W30. Both older and newer models are normally compatible with both oils, but it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for your car.

During very cold months, you can use a 5W30 in your vehicle, as long as your manufacturer approves it. This type of oil flows better and won’t become as stiff and thick in cold weather, which means that when you start your vehicle, the oil gets to the engine faster and more efficiently than a heavier-weight motor oil would. As a result, your car can start easier in the winter.

Next, if you use synthetic motor oil instead of conventional oil, it can reduce stress on your engine components and help keep your car start in cold weather. As far as the weight of oil, you can use synthetic motor oil of the same weight in both the summer and winter months – synthetic oil flows better, regardless of the weight, and even in very cold temperatures.

If you’re not sure you know which oil is best for your vehicle, or you need a professional to assist you with checking and changing your motor oil – worry not, just bring your vehicle to our caring garage shop.

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