6 Tips for a Successful Road Trip

With the warm, sunny summer weather upon us and only a few months of school remaining, the main question on everyones mind – where am I going on vacation this summer? With the whole world to explore, picking just one destination to discover can be difficult. So why should you settle for just one location, when you can see it all. That’s why road tripping can be perfect for any person or family. The options are endless and customizable for any type of traveling party.

But before you hit the road to see new and exciting sites, here are some things that you want to keep in mind when you are preparing for the best vacation imaginable.

Water and Snacks

It is never a good sign when the driver or passengers get the munchies or are thirsty after several hours of jamming out to the radio. It is even worse, when you are on a long stretch of road where the next exit with any sort of fast food or gas station are miles and miles away. Make sure to stock up on water, soda and snacks before you start your journey, so you do not over pay for your drinks and snacks of choice at a gas station. To keep your beverages cold, invest in a Styrofoam cooler that can be found in most grocery stores or at retail stores.


From experience, it is always good to check your spare tire’s air pressure before heading off into the great unknown. Having a flat tire may make for a good story to tell family and friends, but being stranded and in need of rescuing in a deserted part of your travels is not so glamorous. The inflation of a tire should be in the range of 30 to 35 PSI and your trusted garage can check to see if your tires will be able to handle an expansive cross country road trip.

A Map or Updated GPS

With technology, it is easy to always know where you are at, however, technology can fail and batteries may die mid way through the adventure. It is a smart idea to pick up a regional map at your local travel agency before you hit the highways for those just in case moments. Also, make sure to update your GPS maps so you never get lost in your travels.

Schedule a Checkup

Perform basic maintenance on your vehicle before you head out such as checking the window wipers and fluid levels. Also, schedule any necessary services such as oil changes and tune ups. By having a mechanic check out your ride, you can be sure that your breaks and suspension are in tip top shape for your next adventure.

Pack Smart

Check your vehicle’s load capacity to make sure you are not putting too much weight in the car. On most new cars, the total weight you can carry is printed on the door placard inside the driver’s door jam. This load rating includes all the passengers and cargo. Be aware that fuel economy is reduced with extra cargo. Roof-top cargo boxes should only be filled with light bulky items. Heavy loads on the roof can make the vehicle more difficult to handle in emergency situations and increase the risk of a roll over. If not in use, remove the roof rack as if can significantly worsen your fuel economy.

If you are planning on hitting the roads this summer, have our hardworking mechanics at CNM Auto Repairs check out your vehicle to make sure that it is in prime condition for your travels.

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