Things You Should Know About Summer Heat and Your Car

In the sweltering summer heat, your car can have the potential to turn into a red-hot sizzling oven that can roast you alive. However, there are some tricks of the trade to keep your car cool when the outside temperatures soar.

Engine Overheating

In the summer, your chances of experiencing your vehicle’s engine overheating increase, especially if the coolant levels in your car are low and the AC is working overtime. Here are the signs you should be on the lookout for: the temperature gauge rising on the dash, warning lights flashing and steam billowing out from under the hood. If this happens, pull over to a safe place, turn off the engine, and wait at least a half hour for it to cool down fully before opening the hood.

Before the heat gets too high, consider replacing the filters in your car for better performance. If your check engine light turns on, contact CNM Auto Repair in Lancaster, PA for diagnostics before you hit the road on your summer travels.

Batteries Failing

Did you know that the summer’s heat can have more negative impact on the car’s battery than the frigid temperatures of the winter?

The two worst enemies of your vehicle’s battery are heat and vibration. These two factors can cause internal breakdown and eventual failure. While you can’t control the weather, you can take ownership that your battery is secure. Besides heat and vibration, summer’s heat rays have the power to potentially evaporate battery fluid, which can lead to corrosion.

Battery issues can easily be prevented with a little bit of pro-activeness. Trained technicians can determine with a few tests the life of your battery. They can also make sure that corrosive materials are cleaned up and that the battery is mounted securely.

Keeping it Cool

Air conditioning is very important in the summer months. No one wants to drive from place to place while sweating. Having your AC unit running in tip top shape is key! If you believe your system is lagging and not keeping you cool, it is time to have it checked out by a trained professional. They will be able to zap it unit back into shape in no time.

Other Tips

Did you know that spending time in the sun is just as bad for your car as it is for you? Sun can be very damaging to your car’s paint and interior. The colors can fade if left in the sun. To prevent such damage, when it is hot and sunny out, try to park in the shade, under a tree or in a garage. If those are hard to find in your location, invest in a simple car shade. Car shades have the ability to block out damaging UV Rays while also keeping your car cooler!

Have you ever sat down in your car and immediately wanted to jump right out because you felt like you got burned? Reader’s Digest recommends to prevent burning your hands with this trick: turn the wheel 180 degrees before getting out of the car. That way, the side you touch is safely in the shade while you’re out. If your seat is the danger zone, you can purchase seat covers or simply placing a beach towel on the seat before you head off for the day.

Stay cool this summer with the help of CNM Auto Repair. With ASE-certified technicians, your car is in trusted hands. We are passionate about helping our clients understand our recommendations and we love to help our clients maintain their vehicles and keep them up-to-date, which will ensure great performance for years to come.

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