Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mechanic

Would you choose a barber or hairdresser that was inexperienced and not well-trained?  How about a doctor that did not clearly communicate diagnoses and treatment plans?  Or, would you trust someone to work on your home that did not get positive reviews from former customers?  If you answered “no” to any of those questions, good for you!  Whether it’s your hair, health or home – you should only trust the most qualified individuals to care for you and your family’s needs.  The same level of care should go into choosing a trustworthy and skilled auto mechanic.

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When it comes to taking your vehicle to an auto garage, you are trusting your mechanic with one of your most prized possessions. You should feel confident that it is in good hands and your car will be returned to you in better shape than it was before. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is an independent non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals.

You can put your mind at ease and trust auto garages that are ASE certified.

In conjunction with ASE’s recommendations, CNM Auto Repair has come up with a list of guidelines to consider when choosing an auto mechanic:


  • Ask your local friends, family and co-workers for recommendations on the best auto garages in your area. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find quality service.
  • Check out the auto garage’s online presence. Perusing their website and Facebook pages are great ways to learn about the repair shop and see what vehicle maintenance services they offer.
  • Look up reviews to get a feel for the auto mechanic’s reputation in the community and read firsthand what their customers think of their work.


  • While searching for a trustworthy auto repair shop, pay attention to what type of mechanics they hire. They should be ASE Certified Automotive Technicians.
  • Ask the auto mechanic what automotive associations they belong to, such as AAA.


  • Before you decide to give a shop your business, drive by the building for a quick inspection. Does the facility seem clean and professional?
  • Are certifications on display to show their dedication to expert service?
  • Look for policies regarding labor rates, diagnostic fees, guarantees, acceptable methods of payment and warranty information to be easily visible to customers.

Customer Support

  • When you call in or visit the auto repair shop in person, take note of the front desk person’s demeanor. Were you greeted with a friendly smile and courteous conversation?
  • Ask if they have a policy in place where customers are contacted before any additional work is done to their vehicle.
  • Educate yourself on what types of vehicles the shop specializes in servicing before you schedule an appointment.


  • What special amenities do they offer? Are shuttle services, loaner cars and after-hours car drop off options available?
  • Is there a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-fi for customers?
  • Are they conveniently located to you?

CNM Auto Repair is one of the best auto garages in Lancaster, PA.  Our loyal customers trust our talented and ASE certified mechanics with their vehicles.  We invite you to browse our Facebook page and read our customer’s reviews on our website to get to know CNM Auto Repair better.  We offer a variety of services on domestic, European, Japanese and Asian vehicles.  Our expert mechanics use the latest diagnostic equipment to service your vehicle correctly, all while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.

Here at CNM Auto Repair, we put our customer’s needs and comfort first by offering free shuttle services (in the Lancaster city limits), a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi and the option of after-hours drop off.   If you’re searching for a trustworthy auto mechanic in the Lancaster, PA region, please call us at (717) 397-1497 to schedule an appointment.  You can also contact us to schedule online simply by clicking here!