How To Prolong the Life of Your Car

Just as preventive medical care keeps your health and well-being more intact, preventive car care helps to extend the life of your vehicle.  Staying on top of car maintenance schedules and adhering to your car’s owner’s manual are key components to prolonging the life of your vehicle.  A benefit of good car maintenance is that you should give your vehicle a longer life-span.

Finding a reliable car maintenance shop can feel daunting.  CNM Auto Repair is a full-service preventive maintenance and automotive repair center in downtown Lancaster that you can trust.  At CNM Auto, we perform high quality, guaranteed service that our customers can trust at a fair price.  We repair domestic and foreign vehicles and are your #1 choice for scheduled maintenance of your car, SUV, truck and fleet vehicles.

Here are some common ways to prolong the life of your car:

Fluid changes – Engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid all require periodic replacement.  Failing to replace fluids in your vehicle can lead to eventual engine failure.

Swap your filters – It’s important to consult your owner’s manual to know when to replace filters in your vehicle.  New oil filters are typically installed at every scheduled oil change.  Various filters help to stop debris, dust and abrasive sediments from entering your engine, fuel and oil.   

Inspect your tires – Your car’s tires make direct contact with the road and should be well taken care of.  It is important to check the tire’s air pressure and overall condition on a regular basis.  Good tires will improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and overall safety. 

Stay on top of repairs – Putting off needed car repairs is not only detrimental to your vehicle, but also to your wallet.  At the first sign of something being off with your car, tend to it right away.

Store your vehicle in a garage – If at all possible, it is best to store your vehicle in a garage when not in use.  By doing so, you are protecting your car from inclement weather, plant life or animals harming the paint.  

Drive safely – If you drive like a maniac, your car will pay the price.  Excessive accelerating and braking takes a toll on your car and puts extra stress and strain on components.

When you find yourself seeking a reliable and quality auto maintenance garage in the Lancaster, PA region, CNM Auto Repair is the place to contact!  Trust our experienced mechanics to help prolong the life of and protect your vehicle.  At CNM Auto Repair, we put our customers’ minds at ease and take care of all of your car service needs based on their maintenance schedules.  Schedule an appointment with us today online or by phone at (717) 397-1497.  We look forward to working on your vehicle soon!