8 Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Value

We’ve all heard the saying that your new car depreciates in value greatly the second you drive it off the dealership lot.  Some may even say “it’s never worth as much tomorrow as it is today.”  While this is true, there are ways you can help maintain your car’s value while you own it.

Your vehicle is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make, so you might as well take good care of it from the inside and the outside.  Sustain its value and prolong the life of your car to get as much as possible for a trade-in or down payment on a different vehicle down the road.

Follow these tips to keep the value of your car as high as possible: 

  1. Do Your Homework – Don’t just choose your car based on looks. Do a little research to see which vehicle retains their value over the years.  Reach out to your car-savvy friend or broker to help you ensure that the car you want is priced fairly.  Think of your car not only as a means of transportation, but also as an investment.  By treating your vehicle with care and respect, you’ll get more money for it when you decide to part ways.

  3. Park Wisely & Utilize Your Garage – This may seem like a no brainer, but think twice when it comes to where you park your car. Save your car (and wallet) from dings and scratches by parking away from other cars in busy parking lots.  When it comes to parking at home, we know that it’s easy to use your garage as extra storage space, leaving no room to park your vehicle.  But for your car’s sake, find a way to park in your climate-controlled garage – it’ll thank you!

  5. Drive Less = Lower Mileage – Not only will driving less miles help you maintain the value of your car, but it will also cut back on vehicle wear and tear. Be mindful of how you’re using your vehicle (just to tote people around or are you hauling heavy boats, bulky RVs and jamming loads of tools in it on the regular?) and remember that a car’s value drops significantly when it has more than 100,000 miles on it.

  7. Wash & Wax – Keeping your car clean is often easier said than done. Make a conscious effort to pick up trash inside your car on a regular basis – especially if you have kids!  Use floor mats to keep road salt and grime off of your interior.  Steer clear of automatic car washes that use scrubbers and opt for hand washing and waxing when able.  Touchless car washes are a good option in the cold winter months.

  9. New “Shoes” – Just as it is good to have different pairs of shoes for different activities, it is also a smart idea to have different types of tires for your vehicle. By purchasing a set of winter tires, you’ll not only be protecting yourself in slippery weather conditions, but you’ll also save money in the long haul.  Prolong the tread and life of your tires while maintaining your car’s value.

  11. Treat Your Car with TLC – To keep your vehicle running smoothly, it’s vitally important to maintain your car’s tire pressure and fluid levels (curious how often you should change your car’s fluids? Read about it here!).  It’s been said that rust is like cancer on a car.  If you haven’t done so already, get your car undercoated with a rust-proof spray to fight buildup of salt deposits and road grime.

  13. Avoid Eating, Drinking or Smoking Inside – As hard as it is not to multitask while driving, do your best not to eat, drink or smoke while in your car.  This can be a hard rule to maintain, especially if you have small children.  Enforce the rule from day one and you’ll be glad you did.  Crumbs in crevices, soda and coffee stains on upholstery and ashtray scents will not work in your favor when it comes to selling your vehicle.

  15. Professional Maintenance & Repairs – Sometimes it is best to leave it to the professionals – especially when it comes to your mode of transportation. Leave your car repair and maintenance jobs in the trusted hands of CNM Auto Repair, located in Lancaster PA.  Avoid doing serious damage to the resale value of your vehicle and enlist professionals to properly maintain and repair your ride.  Read more about what should be on your car maintenance checklist here.

Lancaster PA’s Auto Repair & Service Experts

If you plan to sell or trade in your car down the road, these are important steps you can take to help maintain your car’s value.  Most are pretty basic and very doable on your own (park in a garage, clean your car, avoid food/drinks/smoking in your car, etc.).  However, when it comes to getting new tires, car inspection and other regular maintenance services, enlist the help of downtown Lancaster’s trusted car repair shop, CNM Auto Repair.

Contact us at (717) 397-1497 with all of your auto repair questions.  Our full-service shop offers preventive maintenance and high-quality service at a fair price.  You can easily schedule an appointment online – we look forward to hearing from you soon!