Car Warning Lights that Shouldn’t be Ignored

Car warning lights are small icons that light up on your dashboard. They are meant to bring your attention to certain issues with the car like a low gas tank or not having enough washer fluid. While some of these can be addressed on your own schedule, some car warning lights indicate that you need to visit a car mechanic as soon as possible.

Why you shouldn’t ignore warning lights

Warning lights are designed to alert you if there are issues with the car. It’s a common mistake to think some lights don’t need urgent attention. But this mistake can be costly since ignoring car warning lights could lead to more expensive repairs in the future or breaking down on the freeway and leaving you stranded.

When you notice a car warning light has turned on, it’s time to take it to a car mechanic that can diagnose and fix the problem.

Here are some car warning lights that shouldn’t be ignored:

Battery Light

The battery light icon looks like a box with a plus and negative symbol within it. This indicates that the car’s battery or charging system has an issue. If this light turns on while you’re driving, be careful where you park it as it may not start again. There are many reasons why this light could turn on, including a broken alternator belt or a damaged battery cable. It’s best to take it to a mechanic to determine the root cause of the battery failing.

Airbag Light

An airbag light icon typically looks like a person sitting in a car seat with an airbag deployed in front of them. If this car warning light turns on, it’s a sign that one of your airbags or the entire system is not functional. This is an issue that must be taken care of immediately. Getting into a car accident with no airbags could have disastrous consequences.

Engine Light

If an orange engine icon appears on your dashboard, it means the engine has run into issues operating. This light could happen for a multitude of reasons from small errors like a loose gas cap to huge issues like a damaged converter. It’s essential to get a proper diagnosis from a qualified car mechanic to ensure the engine issue is fixed.

Temperature Light

This icon is shaped like a thermometer, and it turns on when your engine has overheated. It’s important to immediately pull over and let the car cool down if this light turns on while you’re driving. Then you should take it to the nearest trustworthy auto repair shop to fix the issue. It’s dangerous to keep using a car prone to overheating since it can lead to further damage that can be more costly than buying a replacement vehicle.

Brake Light

A brake light icon is easy to recognize since it usually involves the word “brake” and includes an exclamation point inside parentheses. This light indicates that the car’s braking ability has been compromised. It could be anything from low brake fluid to an electronic problem in the braking system. Either way, an inability to break is dangerous, and you should get your brakes repaired at an auto repair shop.

Oil Pressure Light

 The lit-up oil can icon suggests that your car is suffering from oil pressure issues.  This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately because it can lead to engine damage if untreated. Like other car warning lights, it’s not always easy to determine the cause of this issue. It could be low oil levels or the oil pump not circulating properly.

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