Should I be Filling My Car with Premium Gas?

When you pull up to a gas pump, the station will often offer a variety of gas choices. The most obvious difference between gasses is the cost. However, more expensive gas doesn’t always mean it’s better for your car.

Let’s review the difference between premium gas and regular gas, and which option is best for your vehicle.

What’s the difference between premium gas and regular gas?

The difference between premium gas and regular gas is the octane level—premium gas has a rating of 91 or higher while regular gas is usually 87. Octane is a measure of how much compression fuel can withstand before igniting.

Essentially, if you have a high compression engine vehicle, you’ll need fuel that has a higher octane level to work with it. Premium gas is recommended for high compression engines that are common in performance vehicles. It can help increase performance and efficiency.

Most vehicles are designed for regular gas, and there is usually no need to upgrade to premium gas.

How can I tell which gas I should put in my car?

You’ll have to look at the owner’s manual of your vehicle to find the answer. The manual will tell you the minimum octane level for your vehicle.

If you drive a vehicle that needs premium gas, sometimes those vehicles will have labels near or on the gas cap to remind the driver not to fill up with regular gas.

Is it good to put premium gas in a regular car?

Many people perceive premium gas as a way to make their car perform better, go faster, get better mileage, or run cleaner. However, in most cases, premium gas won’t have a positive effect on vehicles that can handle regular gas. Purchasing premium gas for a car that doesn’t require it will only add to your fuel budget without providing any benefits.

What happens if I put regular gas in a car that recommends premium gas?

It may be tempting to fill your car with regular gas to save money. But if you have a vehicle with a high compression engine, premium gas isn’t something you can skip over. Premium gas will enable your vehicle to perform at optimum levels and have higher fuel efficiency.

If you decide to put in regular gas, it will take a toll on your vehicle. You will find it will lower your horsepower and miles per gallon. Meanwhile, your emissions will go up. Overall, investing in premium gas will ensure a more efficient vehicle.

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