Top 10 Car Engine Problems (And What Causes Them)

Every vehicle owner will run into problems with their car at some point in their lives. While it’s irritating to deal with car issues, it’s important for owners to diagnose and treat problems as soon as possible. Otherwise, problems could develop into more significant issues and become more expensive to repair.

Let’s break down some common car engine problems and what causes them.

  1. Engine won’t start

One of the most stressful situations a car owner faces is when their vehicle doesn’t turn on. It’s also not easy to determine the cause since there are multiple reasons why an engine won’t start.

However, one of the most common causes of an engine failing to start is the battery. It may be discharged or dead. In this scenario, you will probably need to replace your battery.

  1. “Service Engine Soon” warning light turns on

A car warning light isn’t something to ignore. It’s especially true when the orange engine icon lights up on your dashboard. This signals the engine is having difficulty operating.

The cause is not easy to determine since there are multiple engine problems that ignite the “Service Engine Soon” warning light. You’ll want to visit a professional car service shop to diagnose and fix the issue.

  1. Engine overheating

It’s hard to tell if your engine is overheating until a warning light turns on. When this happens, pull over immediately to let the engine cool down. Then you should take it for repairs since an overheating engine can cause more damage if you continue to run it.

There are a variety of causes for an overheating engine, including dirty engine coolant, leaking coolant, a burnt-out radiator, and more.

  1. Engine is misfiring

The sounds of a misfire from your engine are a cause for concern. This scenario has multiple possible reasons, including worn spark plugs, timing chain failure, or piston issues.

  1. Engine loses compression

Compression, or the power of a car, is vital for movement and functionality. So when a driver senses their vehicle not performing as well, it’s a sign of car engine problems. The issue may be found in the combustion system, and there could be a possible leak. Another likely scenario is worn piston rings.

  1. Failed emissions test

Vehicles need to pass an emissions test routinely. It’s a problem when your vehicle gets tested and subsequently fails. One possible cause is the oxygen sensor. If it’s not functioning properly, it could give the wrong data. This may be the problem if your vehicle is also experiencing lower gas mileage or reduced engine performance.

  1. Engine making knocking sound

Another unsettling sound to come from the engine is a knocking noise. The knocking sound occurs when fuel doesn’t burn evenly in the cylinders. Sometimes a minor sound doesn’t signal a significant problem, but if it’s loud, then there could be an issue. Some reasons this happens include using low-quality fuel or a spark plug issue.

  1. Car not accelerating properly

If you notice your vehicle not accelerating like it used to, it could be an engine problem. There could be multiple reasons why your car doesn’t speed up like it did in the past, such as malfunctions in the mass airflow sensor or low clutch fluid.

  1. High engine oil consumption

Oil is one of the most common reasons for a car engine to malfunction. It may be caused by not changing the oil and oil filter as often as recommended. Another reason could be that your vehicle is leaking oil and not providing enough lubrication to your car. You will need to fix this issue as soon as possible since it could cause a lot of damage to your vehicle.

  1. Car stalling

A car suddenly stopping while you’re on the road is a huge nuisance, and you will need to get your vehicle to an auto repair shop to find the cause and treat the issue. Some possible reasons for a car stalling are bad spark plugs, fuel line issues, or faulty sensors.

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