How Loving Your Car Can Extend Its Life

Your relationship has been amazing for two years now. You’ve created countless fun and enjoyable memories traveling together, going to and from work together, and jamming out to music together! In your mind, you are hoping this relationship never comes to an end.

As with any relationship, it will take some dedication to keep this one going. That’s why we’re here to help you learn how to extend the life of your car by showing it love!

Let’s explore what your car needs to keep that relationship going and share a long life together.

Driving Style

Your driving habits can significantly impact your car’s longevity. Did you also know that when driving fast, the wind resistance your vehicle encounters can be costly in gas usage?

Sudden starts and stops, hard braking, and heavy accelerating use more fuel and can affect your engine and brakes. Drive smoothly and your car will thank you for it.

Aside from just the style of driving, how much you drive can also affect the life of your car. Try to avoid small, short trips. Instead, plan a way to combine your trips into one drive to help limit wear and tear.

If possible, try to also avoid rush hour traffic, as recurring stop-and-go driving can potentially damage the mechanical components of your car.

Scheduled Maintenance and Tune-ups

The owner’s manual for your car can be your and your car’s best friend. Read it thoroughly to be aware of the maintenance and tune-up needs, as it will provide you with information specific to your car’s make and model.

Most cars vary in regards to when they need a tune-up. At CNM, we can help you by scheduling a tune-up appointment with us to ensure your car is in proper working condition.

Other maintenance areas we can help you with are your suspensions, brakes, electrical, and exhaust.

An engine that is tuned up properly can help with your car’s fuel consumption and help prevent future issues.

Consistent Oil and Tire Checks

In addition to scheduled maintenance checks and tune-ups, oil and tire checks are also important for extending your car’s life.

Oil is the lifeline of your vehicle, and it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines found in the owner’s manual. At CNM, we offer oil change services to keep your car fresh and ready to drive.

It is also essential to regularly check your tire pressure, at least once per month, to ensure driving efficiency. Your car’s fuel efficiency reduces if your tires are under-inflated.

In addition to the oil change services, we also offer tire services and alignment services to make sure your tires are rotated, aligned, and have proper air pressure to ensure tire longevity.

We recommend rotating your tires every 6,000 miles and receiving alignment services every 6 months/6,000 miles to ensure your tires are in proper driving condition.

Keep It Clean

Did you know that rust and dirt can hurt your car’s long-term health? Regularly washing your car and using rust-proofing treatment can help protect the exterior.

Aside from making sure the exterior parts of your car are clean, the interior parts are also important. Avoid keeping heavy materials in your trunk for elongated periods of time as it can hinder your fuel economy.

Also, try to protect your car from the sun as much as possible because it can cause certain interiors to fade or become damaged. Use an interior protector to help limit fading and damage as a result of sunlight.

How We Can Help Extend Your Car’s Life

We at CNM, are a family owned and operated auto repair shop serving the Lancaster, Pennsylvania region. We use the latest equipment and quality replacement parts to guarantee your vehicle is serviced correctly. Our technicians are ASE-certified and will provide you with first-class customer service!

If you need a car inspection or other car service, contact us today by phone at (717) 397-1497 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to helping extend your car’s life!