Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

Have you ever been driving your car, and out of nowhere, you heard a strange noise that you had never heard before?

Car noises can be frustrating and confusing for drivers, especially when determining the severity of the problem. Some noises may not require immediate attention, while others can indicate serious issues that must be addressed promptly.

Let’s take a look at six car noises you should never ignore.

1. Grinding Noises from Your Brakes

Did you ever hear a noise coming from your car that sounds like two pieces of metal are grinding together?

Grinding noises from the brakes are a telltale sign that the brake pads have worn down to the point of metal-on-metal contact. When the brake pads have become too thin, they can make contact with the brake rotors, which causes the grinding noise.

Usually, the noise is also accompanied by a noticeable vibration in the brake pedal that can be felt through the foot.

If you hear grinding noises from your brakes, it is essential to have them inspected immediately because driving with worn brake pads can also cause damage to the brake rotors, which can be more expensive to replace.

2. Squealing Noises from Your Brakes

Squealing noises from your brakes are another common sign that could mean worn brake pads. The squealing occurs when the brake pads have worn too thin and then can vibrate against the brake calipers.

This noise is typically heard when the brakes are applied at lower speeds. If you hear squealing noises from your brakes, it is important to have them inspected immediately.

Driving with worn brake pads can cause damage to the brake rotors and make it difficult to stop the vehicle quickly in an emergency.

3. Knocking Noises from Your Engine

Have you ever heard a knocking noise that sounds like it is coming from under your hood? These noises coming from your engine are a sign of serious problems.

Knocking noises can be caused by a variety of factors:

  • Low engine oil
  • Worn bearings
  • Faulty timing belt

These noises are usually accompanied by a decrease in engine performance, rough idling, and damage if not addressed sooner rather than later. If you hear knocking noises coming from your engine, schedule an appointment with us at CNM today so we can inspect your car.

4. Whining Noises from Your Engine

Another noise you may hear from your engine that is a sign of a problem with its lubrication system is a whining noise. A whining noise can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Low engine oil
  • Worn oil pump
  • Clogged oil filter

When whining noises occur, they are typically accompanied by a decrease in engine performance and can lead to significant damage to the engine if not addressed quickly. Make sure to have your engine looked at as soon as possible if this sound occurs.

5. Rumbling Noises from Your Engine

Did you know that if you hear rumbling noises from your engine, it is a sign that you may have a problem with your engine’s exhaust system?

Rumbling noises coming from your engine can occur for multiple reasons:

  • Damaged muffler
  • Clogged catalytic converter
  • Loose exhaust pipe

If the rumbling noise is not addressed, it can lead to a decrease in engine performance as well as an emissions problem too.

6. Rattling Noises from Your Engine

If you hear rattling noises coming from your engine, this is a sign of issues with your internal engine components. There are multiple potential causes for this rattling noise:

  • Worn bearings
  • Damaged timing belt
  • Loose connecting rod

Similar to the other sounds, if the rattling noise is not addressed promptly, this could reduce your engine’s performance and cause engine damage.

Getting Your Car Noises Checked Professionally

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